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14 Old Station Close
Crawley Down
West Sussex
RH10 4TX


Mon-Fri 09:00-1:00 and 2:00-6:30 Sat 09:00-1:00

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   NHS Dispensing


Repeat Dispensing If you are eligible for this service your GP will be able to send enough prescriptions to cover up to 12 months treatment.
Collection and Delivery Service Collection: We can collect your prescription from our local surgeries. When you next request your prescription simply ask for it to be sent to us. You then collect your medication at our pharmacy. Delivery: If you require our delivery service please let us know and we will make a note on you record.
Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions: In the foreseeable future your GP will be able to send your prescription via secure electronic links.
Problems taking your medication: We can provide a variety of systems to help you. Please speak to any member of staff for further details.
Safe Storage and Use of Medicines: Medicines are designed to help you with your symptoms but they can be damaging if they are not stored correctly or get into the wrong hands. Please see our practice leaflet for further details.

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Please download the practice leaflet in pdf format.

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