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Mantra Magazines have been publishing community magazines since 2006 and have 5 successful titles which have a combined distribution of 110,000 magazines each and every month. In fact, by our calculations we believe that we have delivered in excess of over 5 million copies of our magazines in these 8 years! WOW!

   This Year


This year we will be printing and distributing another 1.3 million magazines! You may be wondering how we can be so successful when we operate within an industry that is struggling to compete with both new digital formats and social media? The answer is best put into the words of a popular and now very famous Meerkat – “Simples”.

   Truthfully the answer is very simple indeed


Truthfully the answer is very simple indeed – it is because we care and because we listen. In addition, added to our relevant and local content, our chosen distribution partner, Royal Mail, ensures that your advert is seen by every household in the local community. That’s it... “Simples!” With the successful expansion of our titles we are now the largest publishers of door to door community magazines in the South East.

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