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   CD Pond Environmental Group

Contact: Sue Kipps

Phone: 01342 718289

   What do we do?

The Crawley Down Pond Environment Group (CDPEG) have been taking care of Crawley Down Pond for over 19 years now. We meet for a couple of hours every month on a Sunday morning and carry out practical conservation work, usually with the help of West Sussex County Council Ranger Sara Piggott. Safety equipment tools and training are all provided, as is a welcome cup of tea mid morning. If you would like to come and join our friendly group here is a list of the tasks we will be carrying out this Winter and Spring.

Meet by the pond at 10am we usually finish by 12.00 midday

   Other information

Allowing Dogs in the Pond

We are concerned that people are allowing their pets to go into the pond. There have been occasions when the dogs have reached the carefully constructed centre reed bed, flattening it. This is where ducks and moorhens nest and rear their young, so please make sure they are not disturbed. If you think your dog may enter the water, please keep them on the lead as you pass the pond.

IMPORTANT: Although the water looks benign, shallow and very tempting, there is a great deal of silt. One minute you are ankle deep and feel a firm base , the next you can be up to your thighs in mud, from which it is very difficult to escape. This is especially dangerous to children.

Feeding the ducks
Feeding ducks is great fun and an important way for young children to connect with nature. However over feeding especially with the wrong types of food like bread can cause serious problems for the duck population and for the health of the pond environment, both for other wildlife and for humans. Please do not feed the ducks more than 1 or 2 slices of bread at a time and ensure that you break the bread into small pieces. For more information follow this link to the RSPB's web pages: Mallard Overpopulation

There is no fishing allowed in the pond

   Task Programme 2022

All task dates cancelled till further notice


If anyone needs to contact the Countryside Ranger regarding anything to do with the pond, please telephone 01293 542088.

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