Redehall Preparatory School
Redehall Road Smallfield Surrey RH6 9QA

Phone: 01342 842987
   Excellence for every child

Redehall School is a friendly and thriving preparatory school. Situated in Smallfield, near Horley in Surrey and Crawley in West Sussex we offer a high quality, independent education for children aged 3 to 11. We are a charitable Private School. We believe that all children regardless of circumstance should have the opportunity of a high quality education and therefore offer a range of bursaries. We aim to ensure our children achieve high academic standards and develop social and behavioural skills that will serve them well in life beyond Redehall. We focus not only on the 3Rs but also in the 3Cs of Courtesy, Consideration and Caring. The building dates back to 1870 when it was a primary school. It has seen many changes over the years but remains rooted in education. The current Redehall Preparatory School was set up by teachers and parents in 1980 following the closure of St Hildas in Horley. Last year it celebrated its 30th year anniversary with a series of events to mark the occassion including the children making a tapestry depicting the school, which can be seen in this picture. 30 years on and it is still run by the teachers and parents . The 12 board members comprise 9 parents, 2 grandparents and 1 uncle who between them have a wealth of teaching and business skills necessary to ensure the successful development of the school.