Latvian Lutheran Church
Latvian Lutheran Church
Rowfant House Chapel
RH10 4NG

Vicar: The Reverend Eliza Zikmane

Phone: 07986 439970
   The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain

The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in Great Britain was established when Latvian refugees arrived in Britain after the Second World War. Nowadays we have seven congregations with three full-time pastors, a non-stipendiary Dean and a retired Dean emeritus. The work of each congregation covers a wide area, with services held in several locations, mainly in England, but also, in the case of one of our congregations, in Wales and Guernsey. Our members are mainly Latvians and their families. Because of this, our services are predominantly in Latvian, but the pastors, church workers and members of the congregations, many of them British born, also speak English and welcome non-Latvian speaking visitors and family members. Increasingly, since Latvia became a member of the European Union, our congregations are being joined by recent immigrants from Latvia.


2nd Sunday of each month 11.30am at Rowfant House Chapel
4th Sunday of each month 2.30pm at the church of St. Anne and St. Agnes in the City of London.